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Alexandra AREVALO (Colombia)
Thesis: "Evaluation of hydrological alterations of the Betania dam on the Magdalena River"
Current employment: Water Consultant, National Planning Department, Bogota, Colombia.

Catherine CARDICH (Peru)
Thesis: "Analysis of historical and future water supply and demand in the Mollebamba catchment, department of Apurimac, Peru"
Current employment: Freelance Consultant, Peru. Formerly Technical Adviser, GIZ Peru.

Giovanna EGAS (Peru)
Thesis: "Hydroclimatic trend analysis of the Salcca River catchment, CUSCO (PERU)"
Current employment: Expert on climate risk assessment at subnational level, General Department of climate change, desertification and water resources, Ministry of Environment, Peru.

Giovanni MACCIONI (Italy)
Thesis: "Modelling future scenarios of the Nosara River Basin runoff regime using a distributed hydrological model"
Current employment: Catastrophe Risk Analyst (Property Reinsurance), Ariel Re, UK.

Nilton MONTOYA (Peru)
Thesis: "The effects of climate change on water supply in the Piuray Ccorimarca Catchment - Cusco, Peru"
Current employment: Professor, Department of Agriculture, San Antonio Abad National University of Cusco, Peru. 

Luis PINEDA (Ecuador)
Thesis: "Investigating extreme rainfall variability in the Catamayo-Chira river basin, Southern Ecuador-Northern Peru"
Current employment: Post-doctoral researcher, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), Sweden. (PhD KU Leuven, 2015)

Jean-Francois VUILLAUME (France)
Thesis: "Evaluation of the catchment of a drinking pumping station"
Current employment: PhD student United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan.

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