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Karim ESPINOZA (Peru)
Thesis: "Impact of Climate Change on the Water Supply of Lima, Peru"
Current employment: Water Resources Engineer, Klohn Crippen Berger, Peru.

Nathali HUBAUX (Switzerland)
Thesis: "Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Validation of Oxygen Diffusion in Combined Partial Nitritation / Anammox Flocs"
Current employment: Project Manager, Neugut, Switzerland.

Malgorzata KOGUT (Poland)
Thesis: "Investigation of the triggering mechanisms of shallow landslides using models of various complexity"
Current Employment: Project Engineer, EWP Ingenieure Planer Geometer, Switzerland. 

Alex NONDE (Zambia)
Thesis: "An assessment of Water Management Options in the Lower Kafue Catchment that could Optimize the Productive Use of Water in the Mazabuka District in Zambia"
Current employment: Provincial Principal Engineer, Department of Housing and Infrastructure Development (PDHID), Ministry of Local Government and Housing, Zambia.

Fabian PETER (Switzerland)
Thesis: "Optimizing Nutrient fluxes from Fish wastewater in the Tropenhaus Wolhusen"
Current employment: Expert on Aquatic Ecology, AquaPlus, Switzerland.

Dimos TSAKNIAS (Greece)
Thesis: "Precipitation Fields from Rain Gauges and Radar for Extreme Events"
Current employment: Catastrophe Senior Risk Modeller, RMS (Risk Management Solutions) London, UK. 

Fuad YASSIN (Ethiopia)
Thesis: "Assessing the hydrological response of the Bilate River Catchment (Ethiopia) to climate and land use change - application of the SWAT model" 
Current employment: PhD student, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.


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