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Guta ABESHU (Ethiopia)
Thesis: "Remote Sensing based evaluation of Hydrogeological Surplus in the Drought prone lowlands of Ethiopia"
Current employment: Assistant Lecturer, Arba Minch University, Ethiopia.

Cristina DÍEZ (Spain)
Thesis: "Integrated water resources management in the Zambezi River Basin"

Panagiotis DIMAS (Greece)
Thesis: "Implication of climate change on Swiss hydropower production by 2050: a preliminary assessment"
Current employment: Civil Engineer, Hydroexigiantiki Consulting Engineers, Greece.

Giancarlo MOCCETTI (Peru)
Thesis: "Optimizing water use for agriculture and hydropower in Peru"
Current employment: Head for tenders and bids, Tedagua, Peru.

Research topic: Hazard mapping of debris flow events
Current employment: Lecturer and Researcher, National University of Engineering (UNI), Peru.

Rodolfo PÉREZ (Peru)
Thesis: "Water Balance and Demand Study: Tambo River Basin - Moquegua, Peru"

Fasil WORKU (Ethiopia)
Thesis: "Remote sensing based eco-hydrologic coupling analyses using downward approach, Omo-Ghibe basin, Ethiopia"
Current employment: Lecturer, Arba Minch University, Ethiopia.

Thesis: "Forecasting extreme flood events in central Switzerland implementing different methods for the production of QP"

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