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MAS students complete a thesis during the course of their studies at ETH Zurich. The topic of the thesis is chosen by the student based on his/her academic or professional experience. Research topics include: water resources assessmentwater supplywater treatmentadaptation to climate change, integrated water resources management.

The thesis research should address a relevant problem in the student's home country, or the topic can be selected from ongoing research projects at ETH Zurich. Some examples of relevant research activities at ETH can be found through the following links: 

  • Research topics supported by the Chair of Hydrology and Water Resources Management are shown here The DAFNE project, in particular, provides interesting research on the Omo River (Ethiopia) or the Zambezi (Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe).   
  • Further ongoing research at the Institute of Environmental Engineering is shown here 
  • Sustainability topics can be found here
  • Additional examples of ETH research topics are shown on the SiROP website (access only possible with ETH login)

The thesis research takes place throughout the duration of the MAS program and is supervised by a senior scientist.

Some examples of completed MAS thesis research:

  • "Modelling future scenarios of the Nosara River Basin (Costa Rica) runoff regime using a distributed hydrological model"
  • "Investigating extreme rainfall variability in the Catamayo-Chira river basin, Southern Ecuador-Northern Perú"
  • "Analysis of historical and future water supply and demand in the Mollebamba catchment, department of Apurimac, Perú"
  • "Hydroclimatic trend analysis of the Salcca River catchment, Cusco (Perú)"
  • "Evaluation of hydrological alterations of the Betania dam on the Magdalena River (Colombia)"
  • "Statistical Analysis of Climate Change Effects on Agricultural Drought occurrence: The Case of Candarave Village, Tacna - Perú"
  • "Flood Risk Analysis Based on GIS and Hydraulic Modelling, Case study: Vilcanota River Perú"
  • "Modelling Green and Blue Water Resources Availability in Ethiopia (Application of SWAT model)"
  • "Characterization of runoff components in the Rhonegletscher catchment for the definition of stream-habitat categories in present and future hydrological conditions"
  • "Analysis of the effect of grid resolution in the calibration of the parameters of the TOPKAPI hydrological model for the Juncal Norte Glacier basin in Chile"
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